Scrap iron

There is probably no other raw material group that has been as prone to such extreme price fluctuations in recent years as metals. This applies particularly for all grades of scrap iron. At the same time, modern recycling technologies offer improved methods of recycling, meaning that today, metalliferous waste – like for instance scrap iron from waste incineration plants – has become much more valuable than it used to be.

We deal for instance in soiled scrap iron from magnet and eddy current separators, from which high quality scrap iron can be gained.

A further large material group are the iron fractions from the steel industry like mill scales, raw iron and steel.

We deal with:

  • - MBT scrap
  • - Incineration scrap
  • - Green Dot [“Grüner Punkt”] waste [introduced by Duales System Deutschland GmbH]
  • - Wood and nail scrap
  • - Bulky scrap
  • - Substitute fuel scrap
  • - Cable scrap
  • - Sinter
  • - Mill scale
  • - Raw iron
  • - Tups
  • - Special scrap
  • - Slag residues
  • - Soiled scrap
  • - Tinplate fractions
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