Substitute fuels

Almost any type of material can be a substitute fuel: household waste, sorting waste, used oil – almost any flammable substance is suitable. Many companies today rely on this type of energy generation because it is cheap and environmentally friendly – as long as the quality of the fuel is right. And that is what Secundo is here to ensure.

We look for substitute fuels that are exactly tailored to our requirements. We pay attention to an appropriate heating value, ash content and chlorine content and broker high quality deposits from processing and sorting plants. Long-term partnerships make it possible to maintain a high quality and ensure the long-term supply of substitute fuels.

Typical materials are:

  • - High, middle and low caloric substitute fuels
  • - Atomised substitute fuels
  • - Waste residues
  • - Screen overflow
  • - Deposits from electrical scrap processing
  • - Fluff
  • - Pellets
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